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We provide clamps,supports and stands for Burettes, pipettes, Funnels, Test tubes etc. We design as per buyers requirements also

  Adaptors / Stoppers
     Reduction Adaptors
     Expansion / Multiple
     Delivery Adaptors
     Bend or Straight
     Recovery Bend, Sloping
     Still Head
     Splash Heads
     Steam Distillation Head
  Amber Color Glassware
     Volumetric flask
     Separating Funnel
     Petri Dishes
     Reagent Bottle
     Solutions Bottle
     Conical Flask
  Centrifuge Tubes
  Chromatography Columns
     Plain / With Stopcock
     Sintered Disced
  Connection Tube
  Culture Tubes
  Gas Apparatus
  Glass Distillation Kits
  Hand Boiler
  Interchangeable Glassware
     Adapter, Stopcock
     Drying Tube
     Air Leak Tube
  Measuring Cylinder
  Miscellaneous Glassware
     Orsat apparatus
  Soxhlet Apparatus
  Standard Ground Joints
     Socket / Cone
     Ball Joint / Clip
  Stop Cocks
  Test Tubes
  Volumetic Glassware
     Cylinders / Crow Receiver
     Nessler Cylinders
     Volumetric Flask
  Water Distillation
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RAC Exports -

We are leading manufacturer of table/machine blown scientific and laboratory glasswares/ apparatuses from borosilicate glass. We are continually developing our skills and expertise to make the comprehensive and finest range of products like laboratory glassware, vacuum filter system, that meet all the requirements of IS / BS / ASTM / IP as well as other international standards. We manufacture a wide range of items comprising of Sintered Glass Filters-Membrane Filter Holder, Teflon Stopcocks, High Vacuum Stopcocks, Glass Viscometer Tubes, Ground Joints, Spherical Joints, Distillation / Extraction assemblies, Volumetric Glassware and Vacuum Pin Tubes (for sample collection from molten steel for Hydrogen analysis) at our well equipped workshop. read more...


Laboratory glassware
Laboratory glassware refers to a variety of equipment, traditionally made of glass, used for scientific experiments and other work in science, especially in chemistry and biology laboratories. Some of the equipment is now made of plastic for cost, ruggedness, and convenience reasons, but glass is still used for some applications because it is relatively inert, transparent, more heat-resistant than some plastic up to a point, and relatively easy to customize. Borosilicate glasses-formerly called Pyrex-are often used because they are less subject to thermal stress. For some applications quartz is used for its ability to withstand high temperatures or its transparency in certain parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. In some applications, especially some storage bottles, darkened brown glass is used to keep out much of the outside light so that the effect of light on the contents inside is minimized. Special-purpose materials are also used; for example, hydrofluoric acid is stored and used in polyethylene containers because it attacks glass.



There are many different kinds of laboratory glassware items, the majority of which are covered in separate articles of their own; see the list further below. Such glassware is used for a wide variety of functions which include volumetric measuring, holding or storing chemicals or samples, mixing or preparing solutions or other mixtures, containing lab processes like chemical reactions, heating, cooling, distillation, separations including chromatography, synthesis, growing biological organisms, spectrophotometery, and containing a full or partial vacuum. When in use, laboratory glassware is often held in place with clamps made for that purpose, which are likewise attached and held in place by stands or racks. This article covers aspects of laboratory glassware which may be common to several kinds of glassware and may briefly describe a few glassware items not covered in other articles.



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