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We provide clamps,supports and stands for Burettes, pipettes, Funnels, Test tubes etc. We design as per buyers requirements also

  Adaptors / Stoppers
     Reduction Adaptors
     Expansion / Multiple
     Delivery Adaptors
     Bend or Straight
     Recovery Bend, Sloping
     Still Head
     Splash Heads
     Steam Distillation Head
  Amber Color Glassware
     Volumetric flask
     Separating Funnel
     Petri Dishes
     Reagent Bottle
     Solutions Bottle
     Conical Flask
  Centrifuge Tubes
  Chromatography Columns
     Plain / With Stopcock
     Sintered Disced
  Connection Tube
  Culture Tubes
  Gas Apparatus
  Glass Distillation Kits
  Hand Boiler
  Interchangeable Glassware
     Adapter, Stopcock
     Drying Tube
     Air Leak Tube
  Measuring Cylinder
  Miscellaneous Glassware
     Orsat apparatus
  Soxhlet Apparatus
  Standard Ground Joints
     Socket / Cone
     Ball Joint / Clip
  Stop Cocks
  Test Tubes
  Volumetic Glassware
     Cylinders / Crow Receiver
     Nessler Cylinders
     Volumetric Flask
  Water Distillation
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 Distillation App. Glass
Distillation App.  Glass

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Works Address :
Rac Exports, 14 Pooja Vihar,
Kardhan Road
Ambala Cantt: 133 001,
Haryana, (India)
Tel : +(91)-(171)-3293762.
Fax : +(91)-(171)-2699559
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Preferred Correspondence
Address :

23, Arya Nagar,
Jagadhri Road
Ambala Cantt: 133001,
Haryana, (India)
Tel : +(91)-(171)-3293762
Fax : +(91)-(171)-2699559
Mobile : 093151 00690
Email : info@racexports.com
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